The latest creation of senior brew master Uli Schindler is a beer, as strong and tough as a bulldog. And it is not the dog breed which is meant by the beer’s name, but a tractor. In the earlier days tractors from the producer Lanz were sold under the name “Bulldog”, because the machines looked like the face of a bulldog. For that reason, in colloquial speech a tractor is also known as bulldog.

Our stout is a top fermented seasonal beer, which is characterized by its deep-black color, a high alcohol content and an extremely malty focus.

top-fermented / 16,5 % original wort / 7,1 % alcohol content /
deep-black color / malty notes of coffee and chocolate


Heart of the restaurant builds a brand-new inhouse brewery with two imposing brewing coppers in the center. This is where Uli Schindler, the master brewer, creates his seasonal beer specialties that can only be enjoyed here at the Paulaner Nockherberg.

Munich lager unfiltered
bottom-fermented, 12,3% original wort, 5,4% alcohol content

Munich dark unfiltered
bottom-fermented, 13,5% original wort, 5,7% alcohol content

Weizenbock unfiltered
top-fermented, 16,5% original wort, 6,4% alcohol content


Immerse yourself in the world of beer and learn more about the perhaps most popular beverage in Bavaria. That`s why we offer you three ways of tours:


You can order the beer tasting in advance or spontaneously in the tavern and receive optionally a set with 5 or 10 samples. The set has cards with an accurate description of the different kinds of beer. Our service staff is also more than happy to biefly explain the various – often home-brewed – types of beer and their specialties. Please kindly note that the types of beer we serve are seasonal and subject to availability.

Price: set with 5 samples (€ 7,50) or ten samples (€ 15,00)
Where: Restaurant and serviced garden
Availability: Anytime, please ask our staff


Experience our home-brewery and take a peek behind the scenes. The motto is “from the development of beer to your enjoyment”.  All participants, who want to, can try three home-brewed beers at the end of the tour. You can take the tasting glass, as an souvenir, home with you and all attendees receive a certificate that proofs that they are „Nockherberg-Beer-Expert“.

Please make sure to book a tour in advance. Teenagers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and children under the age of 6 are not allowed to join the tour for security reasons. You should wear closed, flat and sturdy shoes. Unfortunately, the tour is not barrier-free.

Attendees: Groups of 10 to 20 people (minimum age 16 years)
Price: € 28.- per person or € 280.- as a flat-rate for groups of less than 10 persons
Duration: approx. 1 hour, tours available English


For the ones who love beer and want to know everything about it:
Let’s get lead through the Paulaner-brewery at Nockherberg by the master brewer, Uli Schindler, personally. There you will see a lot more about his work and the world of beer-brewing. Round off the day with a 3-course menu, which includes three matching home-brewed beers (0.1l).

Attendees: 10 to 30 people
Price: € 79.- per person
Dates: On request